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I’m Jacob Smith, and I’m an activist, a social change and political consultant, and a filmmaker. I’ve been an advocate on climate, energy, urban policy and smart growth, transportation, habitat conservation and public lands, and other progressive issues for a couple of decades. I’m the executive director of a local government coalition - Colorado Communities for Climate Action - pushing for strong statewide climate policy. Most recently I was Vice President of Campaigns at Alliance for Sustainable Colorado and before that I was Senator Bernie Sanders’ policy adviser on climate, energy, and environment. I served as the 46th mayor of Golden, Colorado, cutting ribbons, kissing babies and adjourning meetings with a swift swing of the gavel (as well as collaborating with my City Council colleagues to do good work on sustainability, government transparency, bike and pedestrian improvements, economic vitality, healthy neighborhoods, and protecting Golden from an ill-conceived superhighway proposal).

I’m a former member of the board of the Denver Regional Council of Governments and the executive committee of the Denver Metro Mayors Caucus, and I was a member of the Transportation Committee of Governor John Hickenlooper’s Transition Team.

I am currently an advisor to the Colorado Center on Sustainable Urbanism and I'm part of the Climate-Smart Cities Denver Technical Advisory Team. I'm an award-winning filmmaker (my most recent film Waking the Sleeping Giant: The Making of a Political Revolution is screening around the United States), the co-author of The Nimble Nonprofit: An Unconventional Guide to Sustaining and Growing Your Nonprofit, a lover of running on dirt, and an occasional blogger.

I often collaborate with a wide range of advocacy, film/new media, and social change activists (including Bright+3) ... whomever the right folks are for the project.


Jacob Smith